Angelo Victor Mercure is a fine art photographer with unusual pedigrees. A former photojournalist, contemporary author, soldier of fortune, world traveler, and lifetime learner, Mercure has never been known to pull punches.

In his own words:

"My art is my life. Most people - often through no fault of their own - are experts at dying.
I made up my mind - as a kid - to be an expert at LIVING and my work reflects that. The images you will see on this site are from my mind, my heart, my gut. I will never make or show an image that I consider less than artistically outstanding. That is my creed. This site is my testament. So be it."


2311 Waterfalls 1108 Asian Women
Old Graveyards Old Graveyards Thai Country People Thai Country People
1712 Fashion 1023 Pets and People
313 Horses 1300 Slice of Life
Statuary Garden Statuary Garden 1902 Neon Wilderness
2705 Old Detroit Iron Feral Dogs Feral Dogs
1801 Windows of Perception 1511 Walls Of Distinction
2610 Farm Animals Twilight Imagery Twilight Imagery
Brahman Bulls Brahman Bulls Water Buffaloes Water Buffaloes
2103 Potemkin Village 2405 Icons
Buddhist Hell Imagery Buddhist Hell Imagery Shingle Mill Shingle Mill
1401 Infrared 2000 Music Makers
1601 Weird 2203 Mother and Child Reunion
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